Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Coffee time with Auntie E -Plus After UBP

Good morning, I'm up with my cup of Joe in hand. Ready to stat the day. Let's see on today's list we have; Commissary(grocery store),Laundry, I need to start a fresh batch of Artisan Bread dough, and then plan dinner.
I think I'll use the crock pot again. I have a Bison Chuck Roast. I can pick up some potatoes to go with it. My family really love meat and potatoes. I have carrots so I can roast them, they are always good done that way. I will post the recipe for the Bison and carrots on Thursday.
Oh, the Ultimate blog party is over now. But I can still visit the over 2,000 people on the UBP 2010 blog link list. So many Bloggers attend the Party. I have to admit I had so much fun visiting new bloggers. I met Cindi from Moomette's Magnificents. She's a Baby-Boomer wife, mom of 2 grown daughters, 2 grandchildren & hail from New England. Bri from Grammie diaries is another one I visited. I like her blog, she loves to take photos, isn't the camera always in the bloggers reach. Then there's Carolyn from My Backyard Eden. She began blogging in 2009 the same time as me. We love the same things. I will be visiting her a lot. I enjoyed the Twitter party as well. It was so much fun!
Did you attend the Party this year and meet a new friend? If not then tell me are you a tea or coffee person?

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