Monday, December 28, 2009

Coffee Time: Let's Talk Foods

Finished all my holiday cooking, hope you all got to try some of the recipes.
I'm at my dads now,will be cooking for him the next few days. He called asking me to bring my fruitcake from "It's not your Daddy Fruitcake" post, he loves fruitcake. It was in it's prime, having sat for weeks. It got his approval that is a great endorsement for me.
I didn't get to the Weekend gadget this past weekend but will resume it next weekend. Now while I pour some coffee,tell me about your Holiday. What Special thing did you eat this year? I'm listening and will respond, I promise. Oh if you have that recipe lead me to it. I love trying new things.


  1. My mother passed along a recipe for 'raspberry ribbons', which turned out to be a simple shortbread with raspberry jam on top. It was very tasty and popular with everyone I gave cookie trays to, though I think next time I make it I'll simply cut out cookies and put a depression in the top for the jam rather than rolling it into flattened 'ropes' with a groove down the center for the jam and then cutting them on the diagonal as the instructions indicated. They seemed to be awfully fragile that way. But it made me happy to get out of my chocolate chip/chocolate with peanut butter chip rut and do something new.

  2. Stopping by to say Happy New Year and to say...swing by and collect your award.



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