Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coffee Time with Auntie E- changes in store...

It seems that the Thursday's PotLuck Club is not that popular at the present time. So, for now I will table it. Maybe during the summer I will start it up again.

Trying to get back to the recipe days, I will start again digging up vintage recipes and making them healthier. With today's knowledge we can revamp them to be better for the body. Replacing somethings with a healthier choice. However trying to keep that vintage taste.

I love the old comfort foods and the vintage parties of old. The food items were so great and are reminiscent of a more easy living days. Days of Picnics and outdoor cooking, family and friends together for fun times. I remember my Mother in the kitchen cooking weekly meals. We always sat down at the table as a family every evening. I miss that in these fast pace days. Everything seems to have to be done in Thirty minutes or less and we eat so fast the average sit down time is less than 20 minutes, sometimes even faster. In some instants it eating on the road to the next stop! Oh boy that is a challenging meal. No wonder we have health issues here in the USA. We tend to eat on the fly.... No time to slow down and taste the food.

My goal is to post meals that can be cooked in crackpot or prepared in a short time. So that the cook time is manageable. Creating a great sit down family dinner time. Have some Great ideas. Even some that will have the kids help, if you are a work outside the home cook.

This is a New year for this blog. All of my Recipes are still available in the index. Most of them are easy to prepare. As well as Favorites of the family. Hope you will stick around and explore My Kitchen Blog.

If ever you have any questions you can leave a comment. I will answer it here in the Kitchen blog.

So now I will ask a question of you. What is you Most Favorite Meal?

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