Friday, April 16, 2010

Grinding with Auntie E- Food and Painting

So Laane and I are grinding today. You can join in, I love this, it will be my Friday post. A look back on the week and forward to the next.

This week has been a back to normal week, I don't have to many grinding to do. However I can think of a view things the Grind about.
Being a kitchen blog I will speak from the kitchen table. As if you were here with me, feel free to chime in....
1.First off, I am getting tired of that new coffee maker we bought. It just isn't working for me. Unless I drink the coffee with in the hour it is not hot! by my second cup it is lukewarm in the carafe. Any suggestion for a new one?

2. This week I made Spaetzle with my Spaetzle maker, it was so easy. So Tomorrow I will post the Kitchen Gadget and the recipe.

3.Used the crock-pot for the Sauerbraten Pork Roast and all I did was; Mix an envelope of Sauerbraten mixture , using only 1/2 the water called for,and poured it over the roast. Cooked on auto setting for 5 hours. it was so tender.

4. Now the last thing is I really need to spring clean the kitchen. Drawers and Cabinets all need to done. Not to mention the Walls need a fresh coat of paint. It hasn't been painted in over 10 years. So, what color do you think? For those of you who are new to this blog.. the header is the border around my kitchen, the widget is my Hoosier cabinet and my appliances are all black. I have Granite counters and my table is granite as well. the wall leading into the kitchen from the hallway is the lemon color in the border. Now that you have had a look at my kitchen. What color did you say?

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  1. As for the coffee maker, we use a Flavia Fusion. You have to buy the coffee from them, but they also offer all kinds of teas and flavorings (and hot chocolate). It makes 1 cup at a time, but it's fast. Here's the link. so you can look around...

    Looking forward to the recipe tomorrow :)


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