Sunday, September 5, 2010

Coffee time with Auntie E- A Traveling Question?

Traveling has been a joy these past months. We have been to Florida,Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York State, Canada and Now we are headed back to Pennsylvania. Traveling give me a chance to try new dishes. Some I had loved and some have not been my cup of tea or should I say Coffee. As I mention before the Lemon chicken was inspired by a dish in Canada. While in Pennsylvania I had some awesome breakfast dishes from the B&B's.
I have a Weekend Question for you;
Have you ever had a dish that you loved so much you had to get the recipe while on vacation?


  1. One time we went camping and ate at a 'whole in the wall' type place along the Chesapeake Bay. They had the most WONDERFUL cream of crab soup. I asked for the recipe and the lady told me "honey, I'll give you the recipe for anything on my menu EXCEPT that cream of crab soup". LOL.. I still dream about that soup!!

  2. My grandmother wheedled an apricot bran muffin recipe out of an innkeeper in Vermont. They are tasty, tender, good for you, and the batter keeps in the fridge so you can bake them up fresh whenever you like. I'm willing to share....they really are just the thing on a chilly morning and they smell delicious when they are baking. They aren't your typical dry doorstop bran muffins.


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