Thursday, September 16, 2010

Coffee time with Auntie E- Let's Talk Sites

Sitting here dreaming of that cup of Joe. As soon as hubby leaves I will put a pot on. He is having a heart test today so he can have no caffeine. I know how hard it is when you smell the coffee brewing and can't have it.

I have been thinking about the Thursday's PotLuck Club. Not having any interest in it I think I will suspend the meme for now. If you are interested shoot me an e-mail and I will post one with a link that month. One will be posted on the second Thursday of the month. With a Linky only if requested

Blogging is fun for me.I Love putting the recipes online. When I am traveling to family, I have my recipes at hand. It is also great for my Dad who is learning to cook for himself. While at hubby's Family reunion, his sister stated her son was asking about Dee's Chow Chow and stating how much he loved it . He wanted the recipe. Funny thing that recipe was posting on this cookbook site the next day. So I told her we would send the link. You see this Site has been a great addition to my Bloggerville community.
Therefore I ask you these question to see how your site is doing and to get some ideas for promoting this site.
Do you have a food blog? How is your traffic? I have been working on getting more traffic. What do you use for this?


  1. I have a food blog which is the Spice Up Your Life, and may main traffic to it is by joining food memes like food friday, food trip friday, luscious saturday, and yummy sunday. The rest are just regular visitors.

  2. My blog Wine at Five? started out as a personal journal. The more I started sharing my wine and food selections the more attention it received. I use Facebook and Twitter as well as cooking communities. I recently joined cookeatshare and have received traffic from there and they pull the posts so I don't have to update it.

  3. Network blogs helps with facebook traffic pulling the feed as cookeatshare does. twitter is my fav in the social media arena. Often times tweeters reciprocate or tweet rather than commenting. Plus using tools like hoot suite make it easy to tweet and share on FB any link. Lastly, I found that specific titles for posts help with recipe searches.


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