Friday, November 20, 2009

Aloha Friday -The Dream

Here we are it's Friday. Time to lay back and travel around in Bloggersville visiting new and old friends. We answer a question they have and leave our link. There is a Master link list here if you want to join in or just visit others. Sign my link list and I will make sure I visit you.

Yesterday I post about my Dream appliance the Two Drawer Dishwasher. I have been wanting one since the "can't remember time". Thought I would ask you this Question...

What is your Dream Kitchen Appliance?


  1. My new refrigerator I hope to be getting soon....knock on wood....

  2. I have to pick just one??? LOL! I'd LOVE a dishwasher. A really nice one.

  3. I need a dishwasher that actually works!

  4. That's easy: a garbage disposal!

  5. I may be the odd woman out here because I don't really have a dream kitchen appliance. But these other ones sound good to me.

    Dropping in from Entrecard. Happy Saturday!

  6. I want a bigger refridgerator with freezer drawers.


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