Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Costly Choice- Death to an Old Friend.

It's Thursday, boy let me tell you Wednesday was a very busy day for my kitchen. Early in the morning the refrigerator delivery guy called. We are first on the list! Before it arrives I need to move everything out of the current one and what a perfect time to clean it out. The one we had was very big so it will not fit through the doors with it's doors intact. We were having it moved to the garage. Next thing to do is clear a path from the front door to the kitchen. My Kitchen is in the back of the house. My island is movable, I like to change the islands' location often. It drives my family nuts...Oh, what fun. It's 8 am and everything done, just in the nick of time. The door bells rings.."He's here!" is yelled. Hubby's day off work, and of course he claims the refrigerator as his baby. He was the guy who talked me into it.
I received a call from the dishwasher delivery company. They will be here between 10 and 1pm. I cleared off the counter and poured myself my first cup of coffee. The door bell rings again, dishwasher is here. Now this is my baby, I'm the one who wanted it and sometimes I do not think clearly, as you will learn in a second. So back to the story....the installer comes in and starts right away on removing the old one. We found someone who could use it so he will not be taking it., Yes it will be going in the....Garage! Oh my poor car, it has to stay outside for now. It hates to be out in the weather! The installer finishes unhooking the old dishwasher.
Now he brings in the New Two Drawer one. A dream come true of mine. All the holidays rolled into one big package. What a beauty she is....

He installs her and shows us how she works we sign off and all is finished by 11 am.
Wow... Now I can have that cup of Joe...

Oh Stop!!! now the excitement comes to a screeching halt! I can not open my Gadget drawer! I can barely get my hand in there. My heart stopped for a second and I am fighting the tears. I really wanted this dishwasher and how could I have not thought about the gadget drawer.

Even if he moves the dishwasher back half an inch I will still not be able to use that drawer! So I call the company, they send him back. He removes the dishwashers first drawer. Now I can open the gadget drawer. I take everything out of it. He explains that he can not move it back any further. He was very nice about the problem and the company boss told me this is one of the down falls of the drawer dishwashers with people who have theirs in a corner area. Now we called the Sears store and they said we could return it and choose a different one. I really want the two drawer one and all the drawer ones will be the same outcome for my gadget drawer.
Now the gadget drawer has always been a problem being in that location. I have had to repair it several times. So the decision was made, by me, to remove the drawer and just have a faux drawer there. We took the drawer out and attached the drawer front to the cabinet. All the gadgets were dispersed to other locations. Today's job is to reorganize the kitchen drawers. I really love the New dishwasher..Let's hope it was worth the death of the gadget drawer.

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