Friday, September 4, 2009

Mimi's Restaurant

For our 32nd Wedding anniversary we went out for breakfast. That is my favorite Meal. We went to Mimi's Restaurant They are in 24 states in America from the west to the east coast. Serve all meals of the day. I thought they were just a sandwich place! Hubby took me there for dinner on Sunday, and I really was surprised.
So on our Anniversary Hubby ask if I would like to go to Mimi's for Breakfast. Boy that sounded great. The food was fantastic. We started out with coffee, Fresh squeezed juice and a muffin. We shared the Buttermilk Spice hot right out of the oven Muffin, it didn't even need butter! I had "Crepes Brie Cheese Lorraine", it was totally delicious. I will have to create something like that for my home, Less calories and fat (a healthier version). Hubby had a "Crab and Avocado Omelette", he said it was wonderful. I can not eat crab so I will take his word on that. Breakfast potatoes were served with the meal.
The abeyance was very nice. Music was Smooth Jazz, I like that, and no loud noises. We ate for under 25.00 and with the online coupon it was only 12.00. How that for eating on a budget? Here are some photos of the inside (you can click on them to enlarge).

I went on their web site and they have a very user friendly site.The link is here.

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