Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend Kitchen Gadget-Ice Pop Anyone?

for the summer we purchased a new Gadget. I used it for the first time on the Fourth of July. It was so easy and a very fast way to make Popsicles.

Photo courtesy of Williams-Sonoma
This pop maker works like this:

first freeze it over night.

then put the sticks in...

pour the juice or cream liquid ..
time it for 7 to 10minutes...
use the orange handle and screw it on til the pop is loosen

remove the orange handle and pull out pop

add drip shield...
and enjoy...
this one was made with Orange Juice only,
poured right out of the jar.

I put them into a ziplock bag and freeze them for summer fun later.

We made fudgesicles for the 4th, however they disappeared before I could get photos.
I will be creating all kinds of pops for the summer heat months. Stay tune.. Even if you do not have this gadget... maybe you have this one.
or just some silicone cups... whatever you have you can make Healthy pops at home. Stay tuned for more summer fun pop recipes.


  1. oh, oh, I want one. This one will be a hit with my 4 little

  2. Oh man I want one of these!! All of my kids are gone so you know who will be eating fudge bars and juice pops!

  3. pretty cool! perfect for summer....:) would love to have one!

  4. Pretty cool gadget. I want one of those too!


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