Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekend Kitchen Gadget-A Garnish tool

How do they do that.. a question we all ask at some point. Garnish is what makes a dish special.I have several tools I use for that. A couple weeks back I purchase some new one.
These peelers** came as a set.
Photo above courtesy of Williams Somona

What so special about these peelers? Well each one does a different cut.
A straight, julienne cut and serrated. The cutting effort was not hard, it cut like soft butter. One one thing I like about these are the time saving element. It takes so long to make Julienne strips. To get those ridges are very difficult with other tools I have. I can see me using those a lot. They all come together and are priced at 15.00.

The Straight-edge peeler removes skins from root vegetable and firm fruits.

I used a Raw sweet potato, to see how easy it would cut...
It was so easy.The peel cut was very thin. Great for those roses or curls.The next one is the Julienne peeler.
It creates fine strips of anything from carrots to firm cheese. The things you can do...
The Last one in the pack is the Serrated peeler.
Ideal for delicate produce like tomatoes, kiwis and mangoes. Look closely you can see the ridges form after cutting.
Ridges are good for holding on sauces and spreads.
They also have the look of bark. Great for making a Yule Log.
**This peeler set is available Here
Disclaimer: I have not received any perks, money or products from Williams Somonas. This Product was purchase by me and reviewed and tested by me. The post is my opinion only.

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