Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coffee Time: That Favorite One.

Ever wish you could just test a coffee before buying it? I have bought a lot of different coffee brands and flavor in my coffee drinking life. Yes I love to have flavored coffee every now and then. Have tried a few; Cinnamon bun, Chocolate Velvet, Hazelnut, Holiday Peppermint, Pumpkin Pie, Winter blend, Hawaiian blend and many more. Many of them are still sitting around because I didn't like them. I do have a few favorites like Vanilla Biscotti by Folgers Gourmet and Vermont Maple from Millstone (which they do not make anymore but was my most favorite one).
While I was visiting other blogs, I found one called Coffee Cup News. Jason Coffee does a video of testing coffee brands. This was a very interesting blog. Loved the concept of a blog that taste and give opinions on the aroma and flavor. He has a rating system, rates them on a scale of 1 to 10. I just might try one he rates high. Who know I might love it and find one that out does my discontinued Vermont Maple.
Are you a Coffee Drinker? What is your Favorite flavor or brand?


  1. I love coffee but I can't drink it often because I'm so sensitive to caffine.

    My favorite is a good dark roast with cream. I'm not much into flavored coffees because I usually find them sweet. But then, I don't experiment. But I also love to add a little liqueor (like Bailey's or B&B) and I like lattes.

  2. I'm a coffee expert. Most companies use bad coffee and then put so much flavor in it that you can't even taste the coffee. If you'd like to try a really good, fresh roasted coffee check us out. Our flavored coffee this holiday season is Spiked Hawaiian Holiday, a 100% Hwn coffee with Kahlua, cream and cinnamon flavors lightly added. Free shipping on orders $20 or more. Us coupon code HOLIDAY2009 at checkout. Good through Dec 23.

  3. Oh my gosh, I drink coffee all day long! My friends get on me about the amounts of caffeine but hey I love the stuff. I'm a black with sugar girl; I think that hazelnut is my favorite.

  4. I am a devoted coffee drinker. I actually prefer regular coffe but with flavored creamer or syrup in it. My personal fav is Irish cream. Mmmm. Drinking some right now.

  5. I'm a kona fan, but its pretty dear so I don't buy it much. I'm wary of the flavors because sometimes they seem to have a 'fake' taste to them but I love to put cinnamon and/or vanilla in the filter with any coffee and then let it brew through.


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