Monday, November 23, 2009

Coffee Time: A Busy Weekend

It was a very busy weekend in my Kitchen. First thing, Critter arrived on Friday at high noon. He is my Great Nephew and loves to cook, I like to call him my little Chef. "Going to be a Chef when I grow up" that is what he states. The kitchen smelled of Chocolate Chip cookies! That was the first kitchen thing he wanted the do.
Saturday we used the Pizza Gadget and made a three meat pizza. A cheese only one was made on the pizza stone in the oven. This time I bought the dough at the Super Walmart. Can you believe it, they have fresh made dough right there in the deli area beside the pizzas. I got a whole wheat one for 88 cents and regular only 99 cents. Used the whole wheat one for the meat pizza. Critter loved the three meat whole wheat pizza and so did my daughters' boyfriend!
Yes I had a kitchen craft party. We made Old English Party Crackers for Thanksgiving fun. These will be placed at the table for after dinner fun.

So how did we make them? I had Purchase the kits some years ago. It came with tubes,roller arms,and Crackers. Now you can make these using Toilet paper empty rolls. the cracker snaps can be purchased at a craft store.

  • Cut a light weight wrapping paper to 7.5 x 12 inch. We used tissue paper, doubled and then we used a stamp with fast drying ink.
  • Lay paper,long side horizontal to TP roll, place TP roll in the middle of the paper and roll the paper around it.
  • Put a piece of invisible Tape on the middle rolled paper.
  • then put a small piece of tape on each ends seam
  • put a Cracker snap in the tube, center the cracker in tube and make sure the ends are at each opened ends (so one can be able grab and pop it later).
  • Twist one end and secure with a piece of sting.
  • Fill the tube with candy and twist and secure the remaining open end with the string.
We will have a full house for Thanksgiving. My Sister in law and her husband, Alex and Critter will be here. I will be cooking of the favorites of everyone. Oh... I need to get my family favorite cook book and a cup of Joe. I am listening continue to talk......

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