Thursday, November 5, 2009

Coffee Time: A Busy Kitchen

Wow Thursday already....My kitchen has been busy. With all the homework, cooking and just coffee drinking I have been having a grand old time. On the stove has been Autumn Corn soup, Turkey Chili, Turkey Schnitzel and Eggs and bacon sizzling on the skillet. Of course the Starter is calling out for a stir now and then. It will be prime in a few days.
I have decided to make, what my hubby calls " Almond Coffee Friendship loaf". Don't you just love the taste of almonds. My favorite thing is a Bear Claw. They are very hard to come by, I mean the ones that have that great favor of the Almond paste. Tis the Season...the cooler weather and soon the music to set the tone. Yes, I will post the recipe right after I make it. Until then here's a view of a slice.
I'll have it with some coffee and then do some more blogging and of course visiting you. Thanks for dropping by for this daily break, hope you enjoyed your coffee with me.
Now back to my thinking cap.....what will this weeks gadget be...thinking Garlic.....where's that camera?

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  1. Hmmmm, the only bear claws I've tasted have been with dates. Almonds would be so much better (even though I do love dates). Now you've made me all hungry for a bear claw and a huge creamy coffee! Bad, bad Auntie E!


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