Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Turkey Schnitzel

Thought I would share a recipe today. My family Love Schnitzel, a German dish. I had to work on making it Healthier for us.

Turkey Schnitzel.
1 pkg of Butterball Turkey Cutlets
1/4 cup Egg beater with yolk
1/4 cup Flour
1 tsp My Salt and Pepper mix**
1/4 cup Progresso Bread Crumbs-Plain
Olive oil for Sauteing
You will need Three dishes for Flour, egg, and Bread crumb dipping ,a mallet or rolling pin, a cutting board and A large skillet and a couple wired cooling rack.

Remove the Cutlets ,place them on a board and hit them with the mallet til about 1/4 inch thick. set aside
Put Flour and Salt mixture in one Dish-Mix together
Put the egg beater in one dish or wide mouth bowl.
Put Bread crumbs in last dish
dredge the Cutlet in the Flour, then dip in egg beater, lastly put in crumbs and pat both sides.Put each cutlet on the Drying rack a let sit. Repeat til all cutlets are done(I find it easier to use a tong when dipping the Cutlets)

Heat pan on Med high heat. Once heated Add Olive oil. Start with about 3 Tablespoons (You can add more if needed). it is important that you not add the oil until the pan is heated, this prevents the Cutlets Sticking to the pan.
Add Cutlets, leave some space between them. the cooking time is only about 2 to 3 minutes per side,Until they are golden brown. lay them on a clean Wirer cooling rack when done ( you can put the rack in a cookie sheet and place in a 150 fh degree oven to keep warm.)

I usually serve it with Wide egg noodles(yolk free). Sometime I will make a mushroom sauce to top it with. Enjoy. Let me know how you liked it.

**Auntie E's Salt & Pepper Mix:White pepper ,Black pepper and Sea salt. Mix together- to your taste. Put it in a shaker

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