Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekend Kitchen Gadget-Need Space?

I am always looking for things that do not take up space in the kitchen. As a creative cook I love to buy special items that help make cooking more fun. In today stores there are a lot of compact items. Great for those small kitchen with limited space. After all we need room for those Pots and Pans and Seasonal Dishes.

Chef'n has a line of compact things. I purchase some time ago, the Measuring tools.

Cups and measuring spoons

These are so thin and can fit in a drawer.then when you pop it out...
you have your 1/4 cup.
A set of measuring cup for Chef'n will cost about 15.00
They are available in many countries.
You can click Here to find them in your country
In the USA you can purchase these at:
Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and Williams Somona

Gift idea under 25.00:
In a basket put the measuring cups, a box of Pumpkin bread mix and a 4x8 bread pan.

Disclaimer: I have not received any perks or monetary compensation for this review, It is only my opinion of these products.

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