Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend Kitchen Gadget-Impress them!

Ever want to make those fancy pie crust?
I have a few gadget to help with that.

You can decorate around the pumpkin pie shell,
even a store bought one,

You can even make fancy lace crust tops.

these are Pie crust cutters.
You can get them at any kitchen store..
Priced under 20.00

You can also use these;
Canopy cutters.
Prices can range from a 1.00 to 20.00.
Will depend on if you buy one or a set.

They are small enough to do the job.
This is a great way to dress up those Holiday pies,
Store bought or Home made.
***A hint for you. Buy the already made pie crust and roll it out if need be, add a little flour on the top. Using the cutters cut several of the shape you are using. Using an beaten egg white brush the under side and add to the pies edges. After all are arranged, brush with egg white and sprinkle with Sugar crystals. Cook as according to pie recipe. Now you have an unique- simi-home made pie. It will wow all your guess. You can also bake the pie crust cut outs on a cookie sheet. bake at pie crust mix suggested temp. These you can use as decoration on all kinds of desserts. That is what is on the pie center in the first photo.**

These make wonderful holiday Hostess Gifts as well. Just purchase a cutter set and boxed crust mix. You might throw in Sugar crystals and a pastry brush as well. Now that would be a gift for under 25.00.

Happy holiday cooking. Please come back and link up your holiday recipes on Thursdays. My Holiday flare contest is underway. We are voting for the best recipes in different categories. Last week was Side Dishes, This week was Dessert. You can still link your recipes up now through Dec. 29th. Just click on the "Holiday Flare Contest Recipe" name under the blog title. Check out the rules on the side bar, grab the button and you are on your way.

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