Sunday, August 1, 2010

Around theTable- Amish Market Visit

When my daughter was a baby we went to the Amish Market a lot. One thing she remembers was the Yogurt Cheese. That was her favorite. Our market had to move from the old location due to a sell out of the building site. The new management did not want them to stay so they jacked up the price and may it impossible for them. I really did not know where they moved to until Thursday. Picking My daughter up from the Eastern shore, a friend was talking about the best Amish Markets around. She mentioned Laurels, told me where it was. So, on Friday off to a Amish Market trip with my daughter.
Now what did I buy, you ask? Some tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, baby carrots, and snow peas for the veggies. Meats included, Maple bacon, Applewood bacon, bulk Turkey Sage Sausage, Lebanon sweet bologna, black forest turkey ham, and black forest Ham.
From in the sweet section we purchased Chocolate covered sunflower Seeds, Dark chocolate Almonds,Milk chocolate Coffee beans, and Boston Baked Beans. The Boston Bean are a favorite of mine. I remember as a child eating them, yummy to the tummy.

Pearl tapioca is a favorite Amish buy for me. I love to make a Strawberry Rhubarb Relish with it. Once when I visited an Amish village in Indiana they served it. I fell in love with the dish (The link to the recipe in my archives is in blue above).

My mother used to make Milliondollar pickles. Saw some there so I had to get it alone with 7 Day Sweet Pickles.
We looked at all the jams and jellies, could not pass them up. Therefore we purchased, Pear jam, Blueberry jam, Strawberry-Rhubarb jam and Orange marmalade. Found some teas, sassafras tea and Raspberry tea concentrates. Who could not buy bread from the market? We got a loaf of Sourdough.
Oh and yes we did get a block of Yogurt cheese! My daughter could not pass that up.
The prices were not to bad, because I'm accustom to buying my groceries at the Post commissary, it was a luxury for me to buy there. the total cost was about 100.00 for all my purchases at the Amish Market. My daughter ask if we would go back more often, Just do not know but thinking about it.
Do you have an Amish Market close to you? Or have you been to one?

All photos Courtesy of Burtonsville Dutch Country Farmers Markets


  1. We used to buy from the Amish at the New Castle Farmer's Market in Delaware, I always looked forward to running over there on a Friday and coming back to work with goodies for the weekend.

    I'm familiar with the area you are in; they didn't run the Amish out of the market in Gaithersburg, did they? I'd be interested to know where they are now; my family in Germantown goes there all the time.

  2. I haven't been to an Amish Farmers market in more than 25 years! Growing up in Pa my mother used to take us to the market in Lancaster. It was quite a drive but well worth it.

  3. I have never been to an Amish market before...I don't think if they have it in California....:)


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