Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Kitchen Gadget

Opening a bottle of wine can be frustrating. The cork screw can leave cork in the wine bottle or you have lost that strength needed to pull it off. This little gadget is just great. While at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fare we went to the Mount Hope Winery shop. It is right outside the Fare grounds. I saw this gadget and decided to buy it.

Now it works on a cartridge of compressed air. There is a needle like insert on the end, you press that into the cork all the way. Then you press on the cartridge end and it pops the cork out. It is really fast. Do not use it on champagne or sprinkling wine, they are already pressurized and can cause bad results. However as to opening of regular wine bottles it is great.

One cartridge will open about 150 bottles of wine. The cost for the Gadget is about 22.00 it comes with one cartridge. Additional cartridges will cost 10.00 for two.

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