Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Kitchen Gadget-The Perfect Cookie

I love making cookies and the ones at the kiosk in the mall are very good. Sometime ago I learned the secret in making those soft and chewy cookies. Of course it really isn't a can buy a cookbook from Mrs Fields that tells you how. But since none of my friends have Her cookbook,I can still say it's a secret.

These is some of the tools I use for that perfect size, always the same size cookies. My camera took this photo, it came out like this. I only have the two gadgets on the green mat. The camera setting tiled it for me. I thought it was cool.
The yellow one is a cookies dough scoop. It has a silicon bottom that you press to release the dough. Now the hand metal scoop is one you squeeze the handle and the dough is comes in many sizes. I used the metal type for years. Then one day at a Gadget store I saw the yellow bottom cookie dough scoop. It had a lifetime warranty. I like both, each one works great. Now you can make the perfect size every time.

Since you visited my blog and read all the way through this post I will give you the secret to that Mrs Fields cookie. Now don't tell anyone........It's how you bake them.( 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-22 minutes).

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  1. Even though I'm a guy, I still love cooking gadgets. My mom taught us all to cook, and I'm glad for it. I love buying gadgets that can make cooking easier, the weirder the better. Thanks for giving the cookie secret. I was hoping you would.


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