Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh those Aprons....

I started collecting aprons while in Germany. It just happen, people gave me aprons as gifts. Perhaps they thought I loved to cook, because I always wanted to know how the food was made.
A follower asked if I would post photos of my Apron collection,I speak about them often on other sites. For the next few months I will post some with information of how I received it. Hope you enjoy the memory lane and the aprons.

The first one I received from a friend who went to England. She thought of me and brought back this one of the Tube. That's what they called their underground subway system,according to Kathy. She knew I always wanted to go to London England. Rent a flat and eat at the pubs. Now I have a map of all the stops. Have had this one since 1985. Have study it well all these years and am now ready to go ride the Tube in London. I always remember Kathy when I wear it.

First stop will be.....
What do you think?

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1 comment:

  1. wow that last one was kind of mapeapron....
    this apron will work if wear by a teen hot chick :)
    if neighbours micheal 83 years old mother wear it then i will better get lost in london :)


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