Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekend Kitchen Gadget-Garlic Tools

Garlic is good for you..Will help keep the Flu away.
These make Garlic easier to use.
You will find yourself using more Garlic in your daily cooking.
Whether you need to crush or slice garlic, these are the tools I found.

The Garlic Presser
This one is my choice. You put the garlic clove,skin and all, in the opening.
Close the handle and press

Now here is the part I like.
This little tool,in my hand, well it is what make the cleaning easy.

You can see once you snap it on, the pegs go through the holes.
Then you rinse it out.

The Garlic Slicer
This is my New One!
I love it. So you need slices,
Put a whole peeled garlic clove in both of the compartments.

Now put this part on and turn. Wa-La perfect slices each time.

You can use these derectly over the pan. How easy is that?
As for clean up...Everything will go in the dishwasher top shelf.


  1. Aaaww I always wanted one of these!

  2. OXO garlic press already has the "cleaner" as part of the tool - so no extra little thingy to store and lose. I have no idea how much OXO kitchen utensils cost nowadays - I have mine for so long - they have heft and are sturdy. Best utensils. If you do a lot of cooking you should definitely look at this brand. (No I don't shill for the brand - I just use them)


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