Monday, November 16, 2009

Gather Around theTable-Any new stuff in your future?

It's time to gather around my table. My kitchen is getting some new appliances Wednesday. Hubby wanted a new refrigerator, as for me, a new dishwasher and a double oven range will be fine. We went to Sears, the appliances home. For years we have bought our refrigerators from them. Hubby picked his out, a nice one with plenty of room. He said he will keep it clean...I like to see that, ha ha. For me its a two drawer dishwasher, thinking we are wasting too much water on half loads. The drawers are perfect for our needs and can also be used for a drink cooler, for Parties. I like that, party time coming up ya know. Can't wait to show you the new ones. Stay tune for Thursday's post.
As for the Range, well the one I think is perfect for my kitchen needs, is not out yet. They will call me when it comes in. However I have decided it will be a double oven one!
Need to fill my coffee cup, I can listen while I pour.....


  1. I could use a new fridge while you're in a buying mood! Will be checking in with you Thursday.

  2. How wonderful it all sounds, especially the oven! I have 3 different dishwashers --- but they complain all the time and leave spots on the glasses!!


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