Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Kitchen Gadget

Since it is apple season.
Here is my apple corer and slicer.

It has two different sizes of slicer. The green one for a thicker ring and the red for a thinner one. I love using this all the time. Making pies, fritters, breads and tarts are so easy. Just turn the crank and your done. Peeling. coring and slicing at one time. If you want the peel left on that can be done.
This next week I will be using this in a few recipes. Dee's Apple Fritters is one I'll be sharing.


  1. I have one somewhere that I used to use when the children were younger and we had the old farm house. I used to attach it to the end of my kitchen table. Question: How do you keep the juices from running all over the floor? How and where do you attach yours?

  2. Can't wait for the apple fritter recipe! Your weekend gadets are such nice posts, I do look forward to them.

  3. the machine look complicated to me though. but one has to get use to it to appreciate its usefulness.

  4. When I was little my mom used to use an apple peeler all the time. I always looked forward to eating the peeled apple skin. Looking back now it seems kind of odd, but I really, really liked it.


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