Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekend Kitchen Gadget

This is a Pizza Cooker. We got this many years ago.
It will heat up to the proper temp and cook the pizza to perfection.
You can make a Chicago deep dish or a Mediterranean thin.

The Lid lifts off easily making clean up great.

It is easy to make your own dough. Or you can go to a pizzeria and sometimes buy theirs. We have a Bertucci's here, who will sell pizza dough.It is always fresh, made daily, and the price is good 2.99 to 3.50 depending on size. That is where I will get mine for today's pizza.


  1. Pretty cool. Never tried one of these. I use a pizza stone.

  2. This is pretty neat. I have never seen one like this!

  3. I've always just used my oven..I'm not big on pizza myself but the kids love to make their own for lunch!!

  4. I'm not a great cook so I doubt I would make my own, but I like your gadget, it looks cool.


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