Friday, June 19, 2009

The Chocolate Fountain

Not my photo: Credit goes to Lisa over at:
Stop and Smell the Chocolates

I purchased a Chocolate Fountain back in March for my Daughters' 15th Birthday Party . I was looking at another reason to use it. So for this week "Would you Like Chocolate with That?" post, The fountain will make it debut.

This is a Wilton Fountain. Very easy to set up, can handle 4 lbs of chocolate. I use the Wilton Pro Chocolate because you do not have to add oil and it runs smoothly. Today we'll be having Angel Food Cake( Homemade), Raspberries, Blackberries, and Cherries (freshly picked). I will be putting out Pretzels, also a favorite. I bought Unsalted ones. So, Now it Party time, Bring on the Chocolate!! ...."School's Out for the Summer......"


  1. Oh yum! I'd be tempted to stick my head in that! LOL

  2. Yum!! What a fun idea! By the way, the link you put on my blog went to your gardening blog, but of course I tracked down your chocolate with no problem!


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