Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home Cooking Healthy Recipes

When I was growing up my mother cooked Dinner every day. After school the Family sat down together and enjoyed a Home Cooked meal. The time period was the 1950s though 1960s. A time when most mothers were at home and the hustle and bustle wasn't there. I remember having what we called comfort food as well as meat and potatoes. When we moved to Rochester New York Mom like having Theme nights. It could be Italian, Mexican, or Oriental. She began to learn to cook different foods. It was mostly due to us kids,like many today, got bored with the same old thing. My Love of foods began as a kid but grew as an Adult.My travels around the States and the World enticed my taste buds. Hence my Love of International foods grew. It seem like every place we lived I took a college class to learn cooking their way.
In today's world I have had to learn to make them healthier. My Food Testing Team (My Family) has become experts food critics. Some food they request again and again. We are always having something different. If I find a new meat I will buy it and search out how to cook it. I like meals that take less than 30 minutes to make. Meal that take longer have usually a prep time of 30 minute or less. Making it still doable for dinner. Those are roast or crock-pot. This Blog is dedicated to Recipes only. I will be posting them as I develop them. There are some recipes that are from Family members who are with the Lord now. I will be posting some of them. I hope you will enjoy this blog and leave your comments on the recipes.

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