Wednesday, September 7, 2016

, Coffee Time :Ready for the Fall Coffee blends.

Well, it is not Fall yet, however the weather is starting to turn. Folks are starting to think Fall and drinking those Fall blended Coffees.

I thought today I would share with you How I blend them. First of all, I bet you didn't know you could order the same coffee Syrups that those Coffee places use. I Order from Torani Direct. It is so good because if I order in the morning I get it the next day, no shipping cost. Most of all it is cheaper than buying that small bottle at the Grocery store. I will put I link below for you.

Now there are two Pumpkin syrups, Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Spice. Like them both. your just have to decide from your self. The spice has a little more spice kick. Pumpkin pie is milder, smoother taste.

We have a  Keurig Coffee maker also. I like it cause one cup is enough sometimes for me. The coffees we get are from the stores and online companies. we use several.

So, How do I make the Pumpkin Pie Coffee?  Okay, I use the Pumpkin pie syrup ( 2 pumps= 1 tablespoon),  Maple Glazed Pod from Angelino's Coffee ( online company) and set the Kuerig on 9.25 oz.  Brew. then add 1 tablespoon of Half n Half. stir, serve. That total carlerie count is 70!  that is a fraction of the calories from the coffee places! Plus you can enjoy it at your home.

The Cost per cup at home is about 60 cents, Compaired to 3+ dollars at the coffee shop. the keurig makes it so easy and fast. no standing in lines and waiting for it to be made.

I do go to the coffee shops once in a while. However I love having it at home more. So, there you go. If you have a Keurig and purchase Torani syrups, you to can enjoy a speciallty cup of coffee with out the guilt.

Torani Syrups