Monday, August 5, 2013

Kitchen Gadgets

It has been awhile since I have blogged about  kitchen gadgets. Well I am back and have many new gadgets to share with you all.

Euro-Cuisine Automatic Digital Yogurt MakerThe first is a Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker.
I purchased this with a gift card. The price was 49.00, which I paid zero for. Since the gift card was obtained by points I earned from an account. I like this kind of purchase. Most of the time this is the only way I can get some things I like, and not feel guilty spending the bucks. I got  mine from Williams Sonoma, online ordering.

 Today I decided to give it a try. The ingredients were just two things....Milk and Yogurt. Yes I know, you are asking why yogurt. Well in order to make yogurt you have to have the bacteria. Yogurt has the probiotics in it already. Now you know this is a good bacteria and can be sure the product will be safe and healthier. You may use the powdered one you buy at the speciality stores if you choose.

With this machine you have to heat the milk to 180 and cool it to 110, then add in the yogurt. Pour it into the jars and set the machine. I will give it 10 hour due to I like it firmer. The timer goes up to 15 hours. Will post the recipes and tell you how it turned out later this week.

I wanted a yogurt machine for some time. Was looking at two types. One that you just pour the milk  mixture in cold and it does all the cooking and cooling for you. The other was this one. Looking at both of them I came to the conclusion that the fully automatic one had some down sides I did not like. First of all it cooked in a Plastic container. My thoughts were, what about bacteria and sterilizing the plastic. It is very hard to make sure the plastic is clean and bacteria free. My second thought was the cooling done process. What if you let it go too long, will it just keep it cold. The answers the those questions were not found. The third was the yogurt is made in one container. That makes for a faster turning bad time. Each time you take the yogurt out of the refrigerator it allows air born bacteria in.

Therefore I went with the glass jars and this machine. I thought I could manage the time issue and complete the process. I also felt good about the cleaning of the glass jars. Once I find the prefect timing for my prefect yogurt, I can make it at night and be up to complete it in the morning.

The cost to make the yogurt is about 20cents per 7 oz. that is great compared to the dollar plus in the store for 6oz container.