Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend Kitchen Gadget-Scrubbing Potatoes?

Oh the days of scrubbing potatoes....Remember those Brushes, we would run the water and brush them...Water spraying on us and scrubbing most of the skin off. Not to mention trying to clean the brush afterward. I do not know about you but my Brush bristles just fell off after a while. It was hard to get every speck of dirt off with those brushes!
Time for a New era of Potatoes scrubbers.

While at a cooking class they showed Potato gloves. I purchased a pair and came home to scrub my Potatoes. It was so easy and fast. The clean up was just to let the gloves dry. I hang them on a hook.
I can see my self using this for a kinds of root vegetables.

The Potato Gloves
They dry rather fast,
Can be washed in the dishwasher, if need be.
So here is it at work...
Put the gloves on...
under running water Rub the potato in your hands.

Now for the results...
the dirty PotatoNow the Clean oneYou know the good nutrients are in the skin.
By cleaning them this way you know it will be healthier skin.

I even learned they have ones for mushrooms. Oh I have to get that one! You know Running mushroom under water can make them tough. Having a mitt to scrub them would save on the towel stains.

I really like this gadget. Would make a great gift for that Chef in the family. The holidays are coming up. This item is under 10.00 at many stores. I purchased mine at Williams Sonoma

Your links:
You can view all the Mitts at the Skrub'a website
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The Weekend Gadget Icon is of the Kitchen Chef that watches over my kitchen. He is on the wall and I have had him since the 1980's. He is a Genuine Bossons "Legend" figure head. Has been guarding my kitchen ever since. Bossons is no longer in production. Closed down in 1996. All the molds were laid to rest and will not be sold to any dealer, according to the heirs. I have several Bossons in my home. When I purchased this one I was told he would watch over the kitchen and keep it safe.

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