Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday's the Potluck Club.-Side Dishes.

It is that time for Holiday Flare. We have four weeks until Thanksgiving, five weeks til Hanukkah, eight weeks before Christmas and nine weeks to New Years. Now where has the time gone? Before you know it we will be in full swing of the holiday seasons.
This year each week will be a theme week. Thursday's the PotLuck Club will be Thursday's Holiday Flare for the next nine weeks. I will start the week with a Thanksgiving side dish. Have one? Link it up below. For this one I will use a thumbnail link. You can post a photo with the recipe's name. For the whole holiday Season I will put a Recipe Holiday Flare link in the side bar. That way every one will be able to get to all the recipe Links in one click (I will start that next week). You can view it as a holiday resource page leading you to all the holiday flare recipes from around the world. I am so looking forward to trying some new dishes this holiday season.
So let's start sharing those recipes and have a marvelous a Holiday Feast!


  1. Okay, my recipe is not a holiday dish, but I guess it could be. :o) Late night snack using up the leftover mac from the day before. I'll have to start thinking about a holiday recipe for next week.

  2. Tina.. You know the kids will love this at the holiday table. At least they would eat one side dish for sure:-)


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