Monday, March 29, 2010

Grinding with Auntie E

Look what Laane sent me... You want to know how to get one? Laane thought about how she use to sit at Granny's table and talk about things. Wouldn't it be great to just talk about anything, like bringing back the old times at grandma table. The smell of Coffee or that Sweet Roll filling the air while siting at the table with Friends. Catching up on your weekly things, just to make the weekend free of the "I should have". Or maybe you just want to recap the weeks activities. Heading into the weekend with a clear mind. Sometimes just telling friends what's planed for the weekend can be fun. Don't we do that with Family. Friends will be looking forward to Monday's News. So, on Friday stop by and join me at my Table for some Grinding time With Auntie E.
So here is the link to Laane on the World. Go to her site and request the meme. Be sure to leave your e-mail address with your link. Laane will send you your personalized meme and on Friday Post your Grinding with... Link it back to Laane on the World.... it's that easy.

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