Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Fast Healthy Breakfast.

On a crisp morning, one might want to stop at a popular fast food place and order a egg muffin. It is just as easy is make a healthier one at home.

Take one egg, fry it in a teaspoon of olive oil.
I use Sweet Capocollo for the meat , cook it a little in the same pan.
For the cheese I use a fat free cheddar, and melt it over the egg. (to do this, simply lay the cheese over the egg in the pan, remove the pan from the heat and let it sit while you toast the muffin)

The English Muffin is a double Fiber one from Thomas.
Place the egg creation on the toasted English muffin bottom half, top with the other half. Enjoy

I use no added salt only pepper, No butter at all,making this egg muffin healthier. I heard having an egg in the morning can help one lose weight.


  1. What kind of meat is that? Never heard of it. Looks yummy though.

  2. sund Carrie this is the meat. I use the one by Boars Head.
    Another traditional Italian deli meat, also called “coppa”, Capocollo’s richness and fine aroma are the result of delicately seasoning highly-marbled cuts and slowly dry aging them. Available in both hot and sweet varieties. Serve thinly sliced with fruit, cheese and your favorite Artisan Bread.

  3. That sounds lovely and they say bacon and eggs have less calories than a blueberry muffin.

  4. Jude.. How true. the egg is better for you also.

  5. This sounds and looks incredible! I am definitely going to try this. It sure beats the old egg mcmuffin (cheaper, too).


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