Monday, January 4, 2010

Around theTable- Cooking Meals.

So are you baked out? all that holiday baking and cooking has me tired out. I will be getting back to the normal cooking now. Oh yes there are other holidays coming up. However the December ones are so much more entailed. It last for about a whole month and one needs to cook something at least each day to stay on top of things. Glad that Month is over, had fun though.
Sunday I cooked Baked Lemon Pepper Chicken, Red skins Mashed Potatoes , and Brussels spouts.That was lunch, then for dinner, daughter wanted pizza. I used French bread dough and rolled it out, brushed olive oil on it, top it with pizza sauce, Sweet Capocorro and Mozzarella cheese. A little healthier and easier. I have a ham for today, haven't decided how to cook it yet, Hawaiian style, German or American version. We will have carrots with it and some sort of potato.
What on your table for today or this week?


  1. Turkey soup! Weather dictated today's menu bbbbrrrr

  2. I made some 'oven-fried' Chicken Parmesan last night; I shake the chicken breasts in a bag with a couple big spoonfuls of flour and about a tablespoon of season salt, let the bag sit in the fridge for about 20 minutes, then dredge the pieces in a beaten egg with a little bit of milk and then panko crumbs. Spritz them with olive oil spray & bake about 6 minutes a side at 425, then put the cheese on to melt and top with sauce to serve. (I've always preferred the cheese on the chicken then sauce so it doesn't get soggy instead of the cheese on top of the sauce) It was delicious.

  3. to AnnettSSours
    Not sure what you mean?...what incentive. Please use English in my blog comments,Thank You.

  4. redkathy- that turkey soup sounds great. I think I make some for the weekend.
    Shieldmaiden- boy I love Chicken Parmesan, I be the same thing with the cheese.
    SLColman- Pizza is one of my teens favorite foods.


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