Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cranberry Sauce from 1894.

**You can clock on each photo for a closer view.
This is a recipe from my White House collection. This recipe dates back to 1894. It is in my White House cookbook of 1900. Grove Cleveland was President in office during 1884. The photo is how the White House look at that time. Very different from today's.

The kitchen was run by Chester Arthur's Chef Hugo Ziemann (pictured in the upper right corner). This recipe is written in original form. The photo shows why it states"...put them on the fire...". In today's time, I would suggest putting them on medium low heat.

If you use a Number system- around 3.

Cranberry Sauce

One quart of cranberries, two cupfuls of sugar and a pint of water. Wash the cranberries, then put them on the fire with the water, but in a covered saucepan. Let them simmer until each cranberry bursts open; then remove the cover of the saucepan, add the sugar and let them boil twenty minutes without the cover. The cranberries must never be stirred from the time they are placed on the fire. This is an unfailing recipe for a most delicious preparation of cranberries. Very fine with turkey and game.

Recipe by Hugo Ziemann(White House steward under Grover Cleveland)
Photo's courtesy of White House Historical association. and White house Museum.

Lisa over at Stop and Smell the Chocolate is having a Fall Fruits Festival week. Today it is Cranberry Day. For more Cranberry recipes Stop over at Lisa's.


  1. Sounds easy and good! I love hearing the original version. What a wonderful cookbook to have! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I'm going to try this recipe. I'm not sure why they shouldn't be stirred, but I'll follow the recipe and see just how fine they are!

    PS -- Please put your recipe for pumpkin cranberry bread on for us to try. It sounds so delicious!

  3. Sounds great!!!

    Come share your fav dessert with us.
    Make it easy and choose one out of your archive; that's fine.


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