Monday, October 26, 2009

Ask Around theTable- German Fest time.

Welcome to my Table Talk. Here I will post a question and everyone will be able to give an opinion. Just as if you were here at my table. This month the question is German base.
My daughter is having a German Festival with her German class. The students are to make German food for it. I love German food. The Breads, Meats and Deserts are great. I really love Zwiebelkuchen (Onion Pie). When in Germany you could smell it at the fest. A piece with a glass of wine, Delicious!

What is your favorite German food?
What would you bring to a German Fest?

Oh Yes, I will post the Recipe for the Zwiebelkuchen later this week. I'll need to cook it for this upcoming Thursday. It is my authentic recipe from Germany.


  1. Oh yes! I like Zwiebelkuchen too, especially with a nice, cold glass of Federweisser!
    That's great your daughter is having a German Festival :)

  2. I've never heard of onion pie and can't recall eating much German food, I've probably been missing out on some great recipes.

  3. I've got to stick with a traditional schnitzel with the brown (is it called hunter?) sauce. But that would be hard to bring...I also loved Doner Kabobs. I don't know if they were actually German, but that's where we had them and they were great!
    As far as something to bring...I don't know! A dessert/cookie would probably be the easiest to transport and serve...

  4. Hi, I just found you via Entrecard, and since I am German, I will have to chime in! I love all the good, hearty bread in Germany, and I miss the cake. Streuselkuchen, Butterkuchen, and my favorite, Mohnkuchen mit Streuseln. Mmm. I also miss Quark; I have never seen it here in the U.S. My mother makes an amazing, low-cal Kaesekuchen with Quark. I can't replicate it here because I can't find Quark!

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