Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coffee Time: Oh the thought of Chocolate.....

For some reason today my thoughts went to chocolate! Perhaps it was the commercial I saw that led me to a New Blog site. Not without Salt, she had a photo of Chocolate bars. I remember the one Mom use to make. The memories flooded back, times of my childhood and the time at home. The smell of Chocolate seems to bring back happy thoughts.

Mom seem to be the one to introduce the wonderful flavor to all us kids. She gave my Daughter her first taste in a DingDong. That started the love of chocolate for her. Then about 7 years ago Mom introduce chocolate to Critter and he was hooked. It was in a Hershey bar. He continued to warm up to her just to have another taste. We all laughed and then realized what was being created, a chocoholic!

Chocolate is an addicting food, but oh the Delight in it is great! I have since switched to Dark chocolate. However, once in a while I crave the Milk chocolate. What is your favorite chocolate?

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