Friday, June 24, 2011

Coffee Time with Auntie E-"I Can't"......

I am enjoying a cup of Black Silk by Folgers. I take mine with Cream and sugar. I have been using a sugar called Sun Crystals. It is a blend of Stevia and Pure sugar cane. I like it because I use less sugar and yet it does not affect my metabolism. My creamer today is called Italian cream.

Today my daughter is out with her driving instructor. This is her first time driving with some one other than us. It is for a two hour session. I know she will do fine. Teens can sometime be challenging. At the age of 17 they want to make their own decisions however they still need the guidance. I thought I would blog about it here since she rearly comes to this blog.

I am having a hard time with her on the "I can't" phrase. I read in the book "The Best Advice I ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives" by Katie Couric, of a person that wasn't allow to say that phrase growing up. Oh, I should have that information a long time ago! Matthew McConaughey, an actor and director stated he father would never accept that phrase. Instead the phrase must be said" I am just having Trouble with" I really liked that solution to the problem.

I was thinking as I spoke with a friend yesterday, that I do not remember ever saying I can't in life. I am one of those folks that will find a way to do what ever. Nothing was impossible to me! If someone told me a couldn't, I would prove them wrong. I think that is the difference between my daughter and me. Never really thought I would the mother of this type of thinking. The kind that lives in the "I can't" part of life.

Would love to change her mindset however, I just do not know how. Teen years are tricky and one must tread lightly. This is so we do not loose the relationship we have with our children.

Well that is the just of my life today. How do you feel about this "I can't" subject? What would you do?

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