Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A French Toast Day!

Two years ago we went out west on a trip. We called the Trip "Go West my Friend". We had a great time seeing the Grand Canyon region, Painted Desert, Colorado, California, Las Vegas and then to Minnesota. You can click on the "Go west my Friend" Link at the bottom of this post to see some photos and learn about that trip.
While staying at a Bed and Breakfast of a friend, she made this Recipe. Thought I would share it today. The weather is icy and cold here. A perfect day for French Toast.

"Go West my Friend"
Legacies Bed and Breakfast

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weekend Kitchen Gadget- Frothed milk anyone?

The holidays has made the kitchen very busy. Daughter has been making cookies and I have been cooking, as usual. This Christmas a got a gift card, from my SIL and with it I purchase a Breville Milk Cafe( it is a Frother).

Now it works very nicely, has two Disk. One for Creaming milk, used in making Latte's. And a Frothing one, used for Cappuccinos and Hot Cocoa. You just measure the cold milk and put it in the Cafe. Dial the temperature you what and press the button. It dose all the work, heating the milk to the perfect temp and frothing the milk.

I have had a latte and Hot Cocoa. Both where very good. it is so easy to use to make my daughter Hot cocoa to take to the bus stop in the frigid morning temps. it takes about 2 to 7 minutes to make. Depending on the amount of milk used.

Now I have a Espresso machine and it has a air frothing mechanism . I also despised that thing. It was always hard to get the cream just right. Now I use it only to make the espresso.
You can be sure I will be looking for another one soon. But for now the old espresso machine will have to do.

I would recommend this gadget for that hard to buy person, who is into Latte's and Cappuccino's. They will find their use it a lot for Hot cocoa . It will stay out on the counter, ours does. It is costly but a very good investment.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coffee time with Auntie E- And The Winner is......

Thank you all for linking your Holiday recipes during the Holiday Flare contest.
The voting was not a success, Only had one vote on a couple of them. However what I did was go to each recipe site with one vote and check on the Rules compliance. If they did not follow the rules for entering the contest, then they were disqualified.

Well I have a winner. Only one so she will get the top prize. A $50 Visa Gift Card.

Now the Winner is........

Cranberry sauce with Ruby Port and Cinnamon
entered by Stacy Uncorked.

Now if you would like to view the recipes entered you can follow this link...
Holiday Flare

Congratulations to Stacy.