Sunday, September 26, 2010

Coffee time with Auntie E- Kids+Commercials

I just put the coffee on. It's my Black Silk Folgers brand. I just keep going back to that one. Do any of you have Bitter problems? I tend to have it with other bands and roast types. I use to like Maxwell and Starbucks, however for some reason my taste buds have changed.

On to other things now. How do you feel about the thought that us parent are the cause of our children obesity ? Now the way I see it, they tend to just want the things they like. Is the bad...Maybe if it's always sweets. My teen was very skinny was a small child. She did not start putting on weight until her teens. Okay there are some hormones issues here. So, now we have to go to a nutritionist to help her control her weight and medical condition(per-say).

I have been trying to make healthier meals and encouraging her to exercise daily (other than just school walking the halls exercise). What's a mother to do? With all the shows on the parents being in-control of the child's weight. With comments like, The child is a reflection of you and You as a Mother should be able to raise healthier children (we'll teach you).

Did you hear that's the sound of a screeching halt! A screaming out of the word "Commercials". Now I ask how does one fight the MOM I WANT THAT! I SAW THAT ON THE TV IT IS GOOD FOR YOU, and MOM THEY SAY IT IS A HEALTH CHOICE! Now those statements are heard in every American and maybe even European and Asian household, and certainly any with a TV or Radio in view.

I struggle every time I take her to the store with always saying NO to those commercial foods. I know that the companies want me to think that their product is the healthier choice, but I can not believe that all those additives can make it healthier than homemade. High Carb seems to be the norm in kids foods. Although it can be okay at a young age, what happens when the body enters the teens. The pattern has already been imprinted in their minds. Changes the food and calorie intake can be a struggle.

What do you think? Is it Our fault for not raising TV deprived isolated controlled sheltered kids. Do the Moms get all the blame? Talk about guilt on our part....Where's that cinnamon bun, I need one now to calm me down.......Oh is that comfort food?...that's another subject for another coffee time.

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  1. I agree with you, the processed junk isn't better. The so-called "health" food is really just a business like any other business - it's their job to sell it.


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