Monday, March 15, 2010

Coffee time with Auntie E

Today I am having Black silk by Folgers and an egg and black forest ham between Fresh Artisan bread.
Sunday morning I made the artisan bread, it was so easy.
There was truly no kneading. Think I will decrease the salt since we are not big salt people. I will cut it by half. I have been reading the book " Healthy Breads in five Minutes" and am eager to try some of the recipes. The book states that if one makes the new batch with some of the old dough you can get a very nice sourdough taste. I will be trying that.
I am always looking for good cooking sites and blogs. If you have one please leave your link so I can visit you. I would like to feature some cooking blogs on this blog in my future post. Of course I will ask first, always want the blogger to approve.

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  1. If you like. Your graphic for the grinding meme is ready.
    I don't have your email, so I can't send it to you.


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