Monday, February 15, 2010

Coffee Time- Valentine's Dinner

Coffee in hand, this morning it is flavored with Italian sweet cream. For our Valentine's dinner I cooked steak for the family. I do not eat steak, therefore they usually get it when we go out. However in years past the restaurants have been a nightmare even with reservations. This year I decided to go to the store, buy some steaks and cook in.

The Menu for the family was:
Shrimp cocktails
Shiitake mushroom in white grape sauce (I'll post the recipe tomorrow)
Mashed potatoes.
Texas garlic toast

For me since I can not eat seafood or steak:
Chicken Potsticker
Chicken in shiitake Alfredo sauce
Mashed potatoes
Texas garlic Toast

We had lots of chocolate, candy hearts and Lemon pie.
What did your menu look like? Need some more coffee, want some.....I"ll be right back..I'm listening.

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