Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Weekend Food Plan

The cupboard and refrigerator have spoken. The items I have are Chicken Breast, Fish, lunch meats, croissant rolls, spaghetti, corn, carrots and Brussels sprouts.
This Weekend menu will be an easy one. We will be going Snow tubing on Sunday so we will be eating at the ski area. I was thinking about packing some sandwiches and soup. Have a thermos and cooler, not that I would need the cooler the temps will be cold for sure.
Friday evening;
Chicken Dijon
Potato cakes
Apple cranberry Cobbler.


Homemade buttermilk biscuit
grape jelly
sparkling grape juice

German Ham and Cheese pockets.

Baked fish with lemon pepper
spaghetti with Alfredo sauce
Brussels sprout and carrots


Almond scones (I will post this recipe next Tuesday)
Eggs or cereal for the family.

for the rest of the Snow day fun activities;(I will pack)
Turkey and ham sandwiches
Pretzel sticks
Savory chicken and Brown rice soup
Spiced Molasses cookies.
Flavored sport drink packages, to get them hydrated during the snow activities.

Now I must make the cookies. Off to the kitchen to cook......

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