Friday, January 8, 2010

Coffee Time: Kids and School.

Good morning Friends. Have that coffee near by? I am having Folgers Black Silk with a little Tiramisu coffee-mate. Today's topic Kids and School.
I woke up this morning to Snow. School was delayed 2 hours(somehow I knew it would be). My teen knew about it before I did..not a surprise. She stated, woke up at 5:45 and checked her e-mail. Oh yes she is signed up for School's out. This program will let you know if school is out or delayed. I get the message on my Blackberry. Anyway, since school is delayed think I can get her up for some breakfast? Well if the smell of her favorite pancakes(Dee's buttermilk with chocolate chip)and Bacon wont do it, not sure what will. I prefer the delays to no school, How about you?


  1. IT's been a dreadful first week of school so far so I would have to say I would prefer no school. My teens love staying home and I love having them home with me :)

  2. I'm drinking Caramelo beans from the Second Cup coffee shop right now. Trying to warm up after being outside.


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