Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Kitchen Gadget

Any one for Home Made whipped cream? I use to make it by hand then one day in the 1980's along came this tool.

The Whipper

It was so easy to use. Just mix up to 2 cup of half-n-half (regular or nonfat) or Heavy cream with a little sugar or sweetener. Pour it into the cylinder. Put a cartridge (N2O cream charger) into the holder then screw onto the Cylinder top and shake well. Now you have the best and freshest whip cream made to your specification in the fraction of the time it take to hand whip it (and it will not turn into butter,that's another story).Now I know some of you are saying "Where do I get one?". Since I have had mine for so long some research was needed. Found a site that shows all sorts of types " Creamright". I have seen them in stores sometimes. Now that you know how it works, you will see them a lot. The eyes seem to catch their sightings more. The Holidays are coming and the whipper is making its showing in my kitchen. It's always the hit of the party.

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