Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekend Kitchen Gadget-Bread making

Yesterday I posted a recipe for Holiday Yeast rolls. I thought I would share the tools I used.
The Mixer: For years I had a Sunbeam mixer. Then a few years ago Hubby gifted me this one. I had always wanted a Kitchen Aid. Love this machine, it is a Professional 5 with a lift bowl.

A good Large metal bowl. This helps with the rising of the bread. Metal bowls can be purchase as a three piece set for under 20.00.

The Pastry Cloth. I like that you can wash them when needed. Do not use fabric softener in the wash. Nothing ever sticks to it. I use it to cover the rising bread and to knead it. You can get one for under 10 dollars.

The Stainless steel dough cutter. This tool make it easy to cut the amount of dough you need. Too much handling of the dough can cause it to be tough. It is usually sold for under 2 dollars. A good buy!

A Large Pizza Pan.

I purchased this some years back I believe it was in the 1990's. There was a Restaurant Supply Shop close to my parents. This pan was a Godfather Pizza Pizza Restaurant Pan. Measures 14" round, used for their 14" pizza pie. I can fit all the rolls in this one pan! I seldom make pizza in it but, maybe some day I'll try to make that famous Godfather Pizza-Chicago Style. I'm sure I have a recipe some where in my recipe pile.
I found a site that sales these types of pans,LLOYD.. They are priced under 30 dollars (the PSTK is the type I use).

Friday, November 27, 2009

Gather Around theTable-Thanksgiving

Gathering around the table with family is great! We really only do this twice a year. Even though we see each other weekly! Oh the Holidays are great. With every ones busy lives it nice to take the time to eat and be together.
Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I make these wonderful rolls. There are so easy! I thought I would share the recipe with you all.
There is nothing like fresh home made rolls.

Holiday Yeast Rolls
2 Package Dry yeast
2/3 cups sugar
1 cup warm water(105F to 115F)
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup unsalted butter
1/2 cup Crisco shortening
1 cup boiling water
2 eggs
6 to 7 cups All purpose flour

1. Dissolve yeast and 1 teaspoon sugar in warm water, set aside for 10 minutes
2. Meanwhile: combine Butter, shortening, sugar and salt in large bowl, add Boiling water. Stir until butter is melted. Cool down to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.
3. Add yeast mixture, stir well.
4. Now Pour into a mixer bowl and Add 3 cups of flour. Turn mixer on Slowly(I use No.1 on the electric mixer) until flour is incorporated then add the eggs, increase to Medium speed until well blended.
5. Now add 3 more cups of flour and continue mixing until you have a soft dough.
6. Turn out into a lightly greased bowl, cover and place in a warm place out of drafts until double in volume(about 1 hour).
7. Pour out onto a well-floured surface (I use a pastry cloth, I keep one floured and in a plastic baggie, then add a little more flour when I use it. Nothing ever sticks and it can be washed if it gets too messed up. Do not use fabric softener when you wash it.)

8. Put some flour on the top and fold over ( knead) a few times not too much.
9.Pinched off enough to make a 2 inch ball. place in a lightly greased round pan.( depended on the size of you pans you could need up to 3 pans).
Here a photo to help in placement.

10. Cover and place in warm place again to rise for about 30-40 minutes until double in size.
11. Cook in a 325 degrees Fahrenheit oven for 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown. will yield about 3 dozen rolls.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Coffee Time: A Busy Weekend

It was a very busy weekend in my Kitchen. First thing, Critter arrived on Friday at high noon. He is my Great Nephew and loves to cook, I like to call him my little Chef. "Going to be a Chef when I grow up" that is what he states. The kitchen smelled of Chocolate Chip cookies! That was the first kitchen thing he wanted the do.
Saturday we used the Pizza Gadget and made a three meat pizza. A cheese only one was made on the pizza stone in the oven. This time I bought the dough at the Super Walmart. Can you believe it, they have fresh made dough right there in the deli area beside the pizzas. I got a whole wheat one for 88 cents and regular only 99 cents. Used the whole wheat one for the meat pizza. Critter loved the three meat whole wheat pizza and so did my daughters' boyfriend!
Yes I had a kitchen craft party. We made Old English Party Crackers for Thanksgiving fun. These will be placed at the table for after dinner fun.

So how did we make them? I had Purchase the kits some years ago. It came with tubes,roller arms,and Crackers. Now you can make these using Toilet paper empty rolls. the cracker snaps can be purchased at a craft store.

  • Cut a light weight wrapping paper to 7.5 x 12 inch. We used tissue paper, doubled and then we used a stamp with fast drying ink.
  • Lay paper,long side horizontal to TP roll, place TP roll in the middle of the paper and roll the paper around it.
  • Put a piece of invisible Tape on the middle rolled paper.
  • then put a small piece of tape on each ends seam
  • put a Cracker snap in the tube, center the cracker in tube and make sure the ends are at each opened ends (so one can be able grab and pop it later).
  • Twist one end and secure with a piece of sting.
  • Fill the tube with candy and twist and secure the remaining open end with the string.
We will have a full house for Thanksgiving. My Sister in law and her husband, Alex and Critter will be here. I will be cooking of the favorites of everyone. Oh... I need to get my family favorite cook book and a cup of Joe. I am listening continue to talk......

Friday, November 20, 2009

Aloha Friday -The Dream

Here we are it's Friday. Time to lay back and travel around in Bloggersville visiting new and old friends. We answer a question they have and leave our link. There is a Master link list here if you want to join in or just visit others. Sign my link list and I will make sure I visit you.

Yesterday I post about my Dream appliance the Two Drawer Dishwasher. I have been wanting one since the "can't remember time". Thought I would ask you this Question...

What is your Dream Kitchen Appliance?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Costly Choice- Death to an Old Friend.

It's Thursday, boy let me tell you Wednesday was a very busy day for my kitchen. Early in the morning the refrigerator delivery guy called. We are first on the list! Before it arrives I need to move everything out of the current one and what a perfect time to clean it out. The one we had was very big so it will not fit through the doors with it's doors intact. We were having it moved to the garage. Next thing to do is clear a path from the front door to the kitchen. My Kitchen is in the back of the house. My island is movable, I like to change the islands' location often. It drives my family nuts...Oh, what fun. It's 8 am and everything done, just in the nick of time. The door bells rings.."He's here!" is yelled. Hubby's day off work, and of course he claims the refrigerator as his baby. He was the guy who talked me into it.
I received a call from the dishwasher delivery company. They will be here between 10 and 1pm. I cleared off the counter and poured myself my first cup of coffee. The door bell rings again, dishwasher is here. Now this is my baby, I'm the one who wanted it and sometimes I do not think clearly, as you will learn in a second. So back to the story....the installer comes in and starts right away on removing the old one. We found someone who could use it so he will not be taking it., Yes it will be going in the....Garage! Oh my poor car, it has to stay outside for now. It hates to be out in the weather! The installer finishes unhooking the old dishwasher.
Now he brings in the New Two Drawer one. A dream come true of mine. All the holidays rolled into one big package. What a beauty she is....

He installs her and shows us how she works we sign off and all is finished by 11 am.
Wow... Now I can have that cup of Joe...

Oh Stop!!! now the excitement comes to a screeching halt! I can not open my Gadget drawer! I can barely get my hand in there. My heart stopped for a second and I am fighting the tears. I really wanted this dishwasher and how could I have not thought about the gadget drawer.

Even if he moves the dishwasher back half an inch I will still not be able to use that drawer! So I call the company, they send him back. He removes the dishwashers first drawer. Now I can open the gadget drawer. I take everything out of it. He explains that he can not move it back any further. He was very nice about the problem and the company boss told me this is one of the down falls of the drawer dishwashers with people who have theirs in a corner area. Now we called the Sears store and they said we could return it and choose a different one. I really want the two drawer one and all the drawer ones will be the same outcome for my gadget drawer.
Now the gadget drawer has always been a problem being in that location. I have had to repair it several times. So the decision was made, by me, to remove the drawer and just have a faux drawer there. We took the drawer out and attached the drawer front to the cabinet. All the gadgets were dispersed to other locations. Today's job is to reorganize the kitchen drawers. I really love the New dishwasher..Let's hope it was worth the death of the gadget drawer.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gather Around theTable-Any new stuff in your future?

It's time to gather around my table. My kitchen is getting some new appliances Wednesday. Hubby wanted a new refrigerator, as for me, a new dishwasher and a double oven range will be fine. We went to Sears, the appliances home. For years we have bought our refrigerators from them. Hubby picked his out, a nice one with plenty of room. He said he will keep it clean...I like to see that, ha ha. For me its a two drawer dishwasher, thinking we are wasting too much water on half loads. The drawers are perfect for our needs and can also be used for a drink cooler, for Parties. I like that, party time coming up ya know. Can't wait to show you the new ones. Stay tune for Thursday's post.
As for the Range, well the one I think is perfect for my kitchen needs, is not out yet. They will call me when it comes in. However I have decided it will be a double oven one!
Need to fill my coffee cup, I can listen while I pour.....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Kitchen Gadget

Any one for Home Made whipped cream? I use to make it by hand then one day in the 1980's along came this tool.

The Whipper

It was so easy to use. Just mix up to 2 cup of half-n-half (regular or nonfat) or Heavy cream with a little sugar or sweetener. Pour it into the cylinder. Put a cartridge (N2O cream charger) into the holder then screw onto the Cylinder top and shake well. Now you have the best and freshest whip cream made to your specification in the fraction of the time it take to hand whip it (and it will not turn into butter,that's another story).Now I know some of you are saying "Where do I get one?". Since I have had mine for so long some research was needed. Found a site that shows all sorts of types " Creamright". I have seen them in stores sometimes. Now that you know how it works, you will see them a lot. The eyes seem to catch their sightings more. The Holidays are coming and the whipper is making its showing in my kitchen. It's always the hit of the party.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coffee Time: That Favorite One.

Ever wish you could just test a coffee before buying it? I have bought a lot of different coffee brands and flavor in my coffee drinking life. Yes I love to have flavored coffee every now and then. Have tried a few; Cinnamon bun, Chocolate Velvet, Hazelnut, Holiday Peppermint, Pumpkin Pie, Winter blend, Hawaiian blend and many more. Many of them are still sitting around because I didn't like them. I do have a few favorites like Vanilla Biscotti by Folgers Gourmet and Vermont Maple from Millstone (which they do not make anymore but was my most favorite one).
While I was visiting other blogs, I found one called Coffee Cup News. Jason Coffee does a video of testing coffee brands. This was a very interesting blog. Loved the concept of a blog that taste and give opinions on the aroma and flavor. He has a rating system, rates them on a scale of 1 to 10. I just might try one he rates high. Who know I might love it and find one that out does my discontinued Vermont Maple.
Are you a Coffee Drinker? What is your Favorite flavor or brand?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Caramel Apples

Some time back I had a question about Caramel apples. The votes are in the Caramel apples won. This recipe is a good one, I like using the small apples for it.
This Photo is from B-Movie star. I liked the way they wrapped the sticks with ribbons. The presentation is great also. How about a plate of these for your Thanksgiving Spread.

Caramel Apples

10 to 12 small apples
wood sticks
candy thermometer
1/2 cup of butter
2 cups packed light brown sugar
1(14oz)can Low fat Sweetened condensed Milk
1 cup dark corn syrup
2 teaspoon vanilla extract.
wax paper (2 pieces)
1 cup chopped nuts and 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips on one piece of the wax paper

1. wash and dry apples, remove stems and make a small slit in the top . Insert the stick.
2. Melt butter in 2 to 3 qt sauce pan over low heat, stir in sugar milk and corn syrup.
cook over medium heat siring regularity til it reaches 245 degrees Fahrenheit on the candy thermometer. ...Remove from heat and stir in extract.
3. dip apples in mixture. coating the apple well. You can use to spatula or spoon if needed.
4. roll the apple while still warm into the nuts and chips
5. stand the apple on the second piece of wax paper. cool completely. This will take about 20 minutes.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekend Kitchen Gadget-Garlic Tools

Garlic is good for you..Will help keep the Flu away.
These make Garlic easier to use.
You will find yourself using more Garlic in your daily cooking.
Whether you need to crush or slice garlic, these are the tools I found.

The Garlic Presser
This one is my choice. You put the garlic clove,skin and all, in the opening.
Close the handle and press

Now here is the part I like.
This little tool,in my hand, well it is what make the cleaning easy.

You can see once you snap it on, the pegs go through the holes.
Then you rinse it out.

The Garlic Slicer
This is my New One!
I love it. So you need slices,
Put a whole peeled garlic clove in both of the compartments.

Now put this part on and turn. Wa-La perfect slices each time.

You can use these derectly over the pan. How easy is that?
As for clean up...Everything will go in the dishwasher top shelf.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Coffee Time: A Busy Kitchen

Wow Thursday already....My kitchen has been busy. With all the homework, cooking and just coffee drinking I have been having a grand old time. On the stove has been Autumn Corn soup, Turkey Chili, Turkey Schnitzel and Eggs and bacon sizzling on the skillet. Of course the Starter is calling out for a stir now and then. It will be prime in a few days.
I have decided to make, what my hubby calls " Almond Coffee Friendship loaf". Don't you just love the taste of almonds. My favorite thing is a Bear Claw. They are very hard to come by, I mean the ones that have that great favor of the Almond paste. Tis the Season...the cooler weather and soon the music to set the tone. Yes, I will post the recipe right after I make it. Until then here's a view of a slice.
I'll have it with some coffee and then do some more blogging and of course visiting you. Thanks for dropping by for this daily break, hope you enjoyed your coffee with me.
Now back to my thinking cap.....what will this weeks gadget be...thinking Garlic.....where's that camera?