Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend Kitchen Gadget

I love kitchen gadgets.The family calls me the gadget queen. My kitchen drawers are filled with them. Every weekend one will be highlighted.
While watching Diner and a Movie last night the cook/host used this gadget. Yes this is one in my kitchen.
A Tortilla Press

Ever used One?

Home made tortillas
1 cup cornmeal flour
1 cup warm salted water
1 tsp bacon grease.

Combine all ingredients.
Used plastic wrap or wax paper. two pieces-one on each side of the press.
Roll small balls, about 1 to 2 inch. Place in press, and press.
Set aside- put a piece of wax paper between tortilla- to prevent sticking together as you stack them.
Cook them in lightly oiled or non stick griddle til brown on both sides.


  1. I had no idea tortillas were so easy to make! This is something I will definitely try.

  2. I love homemade tortillas! My DH always tells me mine aren't as good as his Tia Chine tho, grrr! lol

  3. Oh, I think homemade tortillas would taste grand!

  4. I was just thinking the other day about homemade tortillas. I've never made them but was considering giving them a try.


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